Sunday, September 23, 2007

Stringing Cable

Another kind of "miscellaneous" weekend. I got the pedal cluster all hooked up (brake switch, clutch & throttle cables, floorboards, etc.). I tweaked a few other things. But the most photogenic thing was installing the main cable bundle. I started by following the instructions and trying to feed a heavy gauge wire through the heater tube. This did not work very well, so I pulled out my handy "plumber's friend" to do the initial stringing. Worked like a dream. Here's what my "friend" looks like:

Once that was through, I attached my pilot wire to the other end and pulled it out into the engine compartment:

I then hooked the pilot wire to the cable bundle and started pulling that through. Although the instructions recommend two people, I did not have much trouble doing it all by myself. The basic idea is to put a loop up above the feeding end so that the bundle is under compression (which makes it easier to pull from the other end):

You pull through from the other end, pulling about 6-8 inches at a time (and remembering to cut the masking tape off as appropriate as you pull it through). Here's the end of the cable bundle peeking through (the blue masking tape at the end covers the pilot wire which goes through the cable lug on the longest 2/0 cable):

And here is all the cable looped around in the engine compartment:

I also refurbished the seat mounts, but I'll wait until tomorrow morning to post pix of that (the paint needs to dry first :-)

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