Sunday, September 16, 2007

Front Relays + Cables

This weekend, I was at a hotel in Denver supervising my youngest daughter, who was at an anime convention (Nan Desu Kan, for the curious). Although I was away from my car, I brought tools and materials to get a couple of things done.

First, I wired up the front relay board:

Second, I assembled the main car kit wiring harness. This involves measuring 2/0 cable:

Stripping the ends to prepare for the cable lugs:

Crimping the lug ends on and heatshrink-wrapping them (I used the hotel bathroom blow drier for this, first time I've ever found a use for them :-)

And then, properly positioning and wrapping the whole bundle - main positive and negative 2/0 cables, 8-in-1 wiring harness, and 10-gauge recharger wires:

On the lower left, you can see the side that goes into the engine compartment. This is taped up to the extreme to allow for easier pulling through the heater tube.

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