Friday, September 14, 2007

Silver 9-14

In honor of 9-14 day 2007, here is a picture of what it currently looks like - very, very close to being finished (although there is still some major wiring work to do for the electrics, and the hoods are just sitting there, not really attached):

Just as a reminder - here is what it looked like before all this work - 2 years ago this month:


Joe said...

BTW the car looks cool; so the effort so far has been more than worth it.

Ross Cunniff said...

Thanks, I appreciate it. Sometimes I look back over the past year and wonder if I was insane to go this far. But then I look at the before and after pix, and I think - "yeah, I'm glad I did it."

What's the point of having an electric car if you are embarrassed to be seen in it?

Matt Kaplan said...

Wow, the porsche looks great!