Sunday, September 30, 2007

Miscellaneous Sunday

Today was a day of miscellaneous things. First, though, a picture of my seats installed (as promised):

I finished up the wiring of the engine compartment relay board and started on the attachment of the high-voltage cabling:

I wired up the fuse panel with the three new wires and neatened up everything with tie-wraps. Also visible in this picture is the 3-in-1 wiring harness I will use to hook up my electronic speedometer:

And, finally, I prepared for installing the main high-current wires to the controller. I was never happy with the holes I had drilled in the trunk floor - the pilot bit of the hole saw ovaled out the pilot hole in the thin sheet metal, resulting in a very crappy hole - so I cut the whole mess out:

And fabricated a plate to cover the hole, with new holes cut using a 2x4 backing to prevent the pilot hole from ovaling out - makes for a much more precise cut. Here is the plate, dry-mounted in place:

I painted the plate, and it will dry overnight. Tomorrow - install it, finish high-current wires, and (hopefully) drill the last 4 holes (front air intake / exhaust outlet and 2 1" holes for cabling).

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