Monday, September 3, 2007

Axles Attached

Today was a day for yard work (I've been very obsessed with the car, as you might imagine, so for her birthday, my wife wanted a family "rock party" involving real rocks). But yesterday, I managed a little work. I attached my axles / CV joints:

I like that picture because it sums up the weekend's work pretty nicely: you can see the rear battery rack, a corner of the potbox, the new neoprene rubber engine mounts, and the CV joint (they will never again drop on my head unexpectedly!). As part of the CV joint process, I cleaned all the grease out of both of them and repacked them. When I got the grease out of the passenger's side, to my horror, I found that it had no retaining ring (circlip):

I drove at least 500 miles like that, and the previous owner possibly more. I attempted to remove the CV joint to replace the boot and put a new retaining ring in, but it's clear that the whole axle will have to come out. Which I did not feel like doing. So, as soon as the car is roadworthy, I will take it to my local Porsche repair shop and have them replace both boots, and repack both CV joints.

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