Monday, July 16, 2007

Wiring Harness

I got a few things done this weekend. First, I rebuilt the main wiring harness. This involved:
  • Stripping the old electrical tape off (not too hard - it fell apart)
  • Cutting out the seat belt detection circuitry (a pain in the rear to thread thru the tunnel) and rewiring it to be unnecessary
  • Putting Flexguard and new electrical tape on
  • Installing a JWest fuse panel upgrade

Here it is all shiny and new again - and a whole lot less than $2500 or so for a real new one.

Next, I installed the harness from the dash back, then forward. This requires some careful fiddling to make sure you don't tie a knot in the harness as you thread. But I got it installed.View of the harness in the engine compartment

And here's the rat's nest where the dash will be. The blue tape has labels for just about everything.

Today, I even hooked up a 12V battery to the mess and started testing connections. The hazard/turn signals were pretty easy. The lights are harder - I even smoked a wire! Be careful of those high-amp circuits... why the breaker did not go is a topic for another investigation. I think the wire smoked because the bare end short-circuited against the chassis. The wire in question is one of the headlight motor wires - fortunately, easily accessible (I stripped the shrink-wrap off that portion of the cable and will replace the entire wire in question).

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