Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Motor Washer Upgrade

Today was a busy day. First, I decided to upgrade the washers on my motor with the new ones that Solectria kindly supplied. Here is a picture of the old washer (the teflon-looking deformed thing surrounding the bolt).
Here is the washer, removed. Solectria says that these can fail, leading to bolt loosening and motor failure.
These are the new washers - tradtional flat and split ring washers. Nothing special.
Torquing it down. Note that there is an error in Solectria's documentation. It says to tighten the bolds to 6.xxx N-m or 50 foot-pounds. One or the other is off by a factor of 10, since there are roughly 1.36 N-m per ft-lb. I am certain they meant 5 foot-pounds since the bolts did not seem to want to go about about 25 foot-pounds. I set mine for 5, like this:

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