Saturday, July 21, 2007

Interior trim, phase I

Before I can do final gauge/interior wiring, I want to get the interior put somewhat back together. So, here is the dash, dry-fitted (not bolted in yet):The AC kit has 3 new gauges to install: a 144V voltmeter, a 12V voltmeter, and an ammeter. The instructions want you to kludge them on to a 3-gauge accessory gauge panel. However, Auto Atlanta has a prefab aluminum gauge surround that will work perfectly. Here are all but the speedo dry-fitted:
I'm going to install an electronic speedo (3 3/8 inch) in the hole in the right (I had an electronic speedo planned from the beginning - I hate the idea of cables spinning inside my cabin). There are plenty of holes in the surround for various indicator lights that are no longer present since the gas gauge and original speedo are gone (generator, battery, high beams, etc.)

I also did some more work on the rollbar. I installed the rear window, and the pad (the original pad is in pretty bad shape. I'm debating if I care enough to pay $345 to have it recovered).
After I got this picture on the computer, I said, "Huh! What's that yellow blotch in the lower left corner? It's not on the car..." Zooming in reveals:
...a hornet! During this whole car saga, there has been a parallel saga of my battle with the hornets (for one thing, they seem to be attracted to the whine of electric power tools, as well as the various chemical smells of stripper and paint). A "fun" momento of that battle...

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