Sunday, June 24, 2007


May/June 2006

I had visions of doing the complete paint job myself, so I experimented with a temporary "paint booth" - a pop-up canvas shelter to keep bugs, leaves, etc. off the paint. I primed in this booth to see how it goes. I found out two things:

1. Painting is harder than you would imagine
2. I'm not very good at it

Here's the paint booth, with the car inside:

Here I am, fully garbed, spraying primer on the interior (in this case, over the POR-15, but the rest of the metal-etching primer was sprayed on bare metal):

And, finally, the result: ready for painting. I have an appointment for June 25 to take it in. While it's in, I'm going to build cables, get the garage wiring in shape, finish mounting the motor to the transmission (including a clutch rebuild), and other miscellaneous things. I hope to bedoing the major parts of EV assembly the week of Fourth of July.

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