Monday, June 25, 2007

Pedal Cluster Rebuild

This weekend, in a spare moment :-) (well, a spare 3 hours or so) I decided it was time to attack the pedal cluster. When last seen, it was quietly rusting, as can (kind of) be seen here:

Following the instructions at Pelican Parts - and equipped with the rebuild kit - I disassembled the cluster (note: removing the pin that holds the whole thing together was every bit as hard as the article implied - I ended up using my air hammer with a round chisel attachment to drive it out). When I got the old bearings out, here is what I found:
I then cleaned the cluster of old paint and rust (soap and water, along with elbow grease and a wire brush on my angle grinder). A liberal application of black POR-15 on the non-bearing surfaces followed, resulting in:
The new bronze bushings went in very easily - again, the hardest part was installing the new brake pedal retention pin (I used a hammer against a sledgehammer backing ultimately...). The final result: a pedal cluster that should last another 30 years.

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