Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Batteries Interconnected

A few things have come together over the past few days. First, I mounted the DC-DC converter, the relay box, and the AC-DC 12V power supply on the board where the old Zivan charger had previously been mounted:

Next, I reinstalled it in the front compartment:

Next up was attaching the interconnects. But I discovered that my BMS wiring was not quite the right length - so I modified several of them. I made one side longer by about 4", and shortened the other side by a similar amount. Here are a few of them, rebuilt:

And here is the front compartment with interconnects and BMS wiring installed:

Middle compartment:

Rear compartment:

It is getting so close to done I can almost taste it. I predict a late-night final push some time this week...

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