Monday, September 21, 2009

Battery box mods

On Sunday I got a little time to work on the battery boxes. As you can see from this picture, the boxes are about 2 inches too tall for the batteries:

Although I could have kept the boxes the same size and just used the existing tops (which have plastic cylinders to hold the batteries down), I need those two inches as a place to keep battery regulators and a larger charger. So, off come the top two inches of all the boxes:

The batteries now fit pretty exactly:

And here is the rear box test-fit with a single battery. This fits a lot better than the original taller box:

Still remaining to be done on the boxes is to drill vent holes - although AGM batteries normally don't outgas, it is not impossible if they get overcharged. I'm currently debating hooking up the original battery box fans. Due to the extra safety, I'm leaning toward just installing them similar to how they were installed originally.

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electric cylinders said...

the box set ups looks good..