Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Parade - Finally!

Some of you may remember that the original impetus behind me going 72 hours or so without sleep last fall was to have my car in the Colorado State University / Poudre School District Homecoming Parade. That, alas, was not to be. However, this Saturday, my car was in the Fort Collins Downtown Business Association's Saint Patrick's Day parade. I was part of the Debut Theatre Company entry - we won first place in Most Creative - it was a blast. The young lady standing and waving at the audience is named Paulina, and she will be playing Sleeping Beauty in Debut's production this May:

The car is plastered with magnetic signs, and the dragon head (my wife Jill's creation) on the hood is magnetically attached too.


Joe said...

Good lord man, don't you know that as an electric car, you only have a limited range! What if you ran out of charge in the middle of the parade?

Feeling a bit snarky.

Ross Cunniff said...

I had a dozen strapping young teenagers around me to help push if I ran out of juice :-)