Thursday, December 20, 2007

A *Five* Speed Transmission

This morning, I had a spare hour, so I decided I was finally tired of only having a 3-speed transmission. Fixing it was simpler than I expected. I lifted the carpet over the center tunnel, made sure the transmission was in neutral, loosened the shifter bolt (shown below) with a 13mm socket, pushed the shifter as far right as I could, then tightened it again. Now, it's a five speed as originally intended!

At first, I tried pushing it to the left as far as it would go, but that did not help. Fortunately, right did it. I took it up to 65 MPH (above 100 KPH) just for fun, and was impressed with how smooth the ride is - a low car with a very low center of gravity makes for a pretty stable ride. And, best of all - this makes it harder to nick "Reverse" accidentally on the way to 2nd.

Also, today I passed 250 miles as an electric. 1/4 of the way to 1000...


TimK said...

Hi Ross,

Congrats on getting 4th/5th gear back! Thanks for your comments on my tranny problem on 914world. I haven't been keeping up with your posts recently, but I appreciate all your feedback and support. Have a great holidays.


Ross Cunniff said...

Thanks, Tim!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too. I hope you get your transmission sorted out...