Monday, October 22, 2007

Charger Dash Lights

I'm working my way through my list while the controller is getting its firmware updated (scroll to the bottom of this post for the list). Tonight, I attached the rear valence and hung the rocker panels (with the screws - I need to get new rivets to finish the job). I also wired up lights from my charger to my dashboard. Remember the Zivan NG3 built-in relay:

Those "Aux2" relays are perfect for driving two panel lights, one that lights when the charger is active, and another that lights when the charge is complete. First, I attached wires to the charger "aux2" outputs:

These wires go to a screw-in terminal block that I installed next to the charger mount, on the driver's side. Also going to this terminal block are the input +12V (to the second-from-bottom left terminal) and the fan +12V control (from the bottom right terminal) - this lets the fans be driven when the charger is going (although TimK points out that hydrogen is still outgassing for several minutes after the charger turns itself off; I'm considering moving the fans to always be on when the system is plugged in):

I then took these wires into the passenger compartment, and used them to drive some lights. The top-left red light now comes on whenever the car is plugged into AC. The red light on the right comes on when the NG3 is charging:

...and when the charge is complete, the green light on the right comes on (the red light on the top left is still on, because the car is still plugged in - exactly as I want it):

I have not yet screwed the gauge surround into the dash, since I still need to wire the heater control.


Anonymous said...

It is possible to wire in a 'turbo timer' to keep the fans running for several minutes after the charging is completed.

Ross Cunniff said...

Interesting idea - I went looking after reading your comment, and there are a variety of 12V timers that could be adapted for this purpose. I'll keep looking, thanks for the idea!