Sunday, August 5, 2007

Windshield and head/parking/marker lights

Life and work have conspired to give me less time than I need to make good progress on the reassembly. However, I managed to find about 8 hours this weekend to install the windshield and to (finally!) complete the headlight install - all the electrical and mechanical bits-n-pieces are complete. Here it is with the lights down...

...and now, with them up:

Some notes and clues. First, buy lots of extra fuses - you are likely to touch a hot lead to ground at least once while your playing with things. Nothing quite like the "snap" of a fuse going... Second, installing the little booties on the marker/parking light wires is a royal pain. However, it is much easier if you lubricate the inside of the booty first. Dish soap is recommended. Finally, getting the position of the headlight raising mechanism right is very finicky. There is a fair amount of play possible in the 3 hex cap screws on the inside and the 2 inside the wheel well - you can move either side of the assembly something like 1/2 an inch between its farthest forward and farthest back positions. It is possible to be too far forward (the light will catch on the "eyebrow") or too far back (the metal tab on the mounting mechanism will hit the light bucket and prevent proper operation).

Oh, and be very careful - these motors pack a lot of torque. If you try to raise them manually (with the hand screw) without removing the relay, the motor will automagically engage, raise, and lower. If you finger is in the wrong place, it will get crushed. Luckily, I avoided this fate.

One more note: I posted the details of my windshield install over at 914world:

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